Another Website Makeover

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     We offer a discounted service for those who already have a website online. Most existing small businesses have a website online. They just were designed a few years ago and never updated. This leads to a website that tends not to work properly on todays devices. The other problem owners have is the sites were designed in HTML coding. This is not owner friendly when it comes to making changes and updates. The WordPress format we use is very easy for owners or staff to add new pictures, videos, write new content or edit old.
So for those who are looking to basically keep there old content, ( text, images, contact information, etc...) but want to have a modern look and functions, we will do this for only $200-*
A recent sample of this with before and after pictures is
     You can see how the old site was all aligned to the left to fit older 800x600 computer monitors. The new site is centered and able to respond to the users screen size. So it displays on cell phones, tablets, desktop/laptops, even TV's well. We also were able to add a short estimate form to help them generate leads.
As you can see the content stayed pretty much the same so only charged them $200-, and now they are able to add new pictures, videos and other content themselves.