CAM Tech – Solving a typical small business problem

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     This website makeover is rather basic. However it solved a problem that they had. Like many small business they had a very basic website, done a couple / few years ago. It no longer displayed all that well on the web, as today more people are using mobile devices. Tablets and Smartphones display websites differently than Desk and laptops. Having a website that responds and changes to each display lets the user view the same website. No longer does the owner have to pay for multiple versions ( ” mobile version”) of their website leaving the reader looking and completely different  websites depending on if they are in the office or on the road.
     Hiring us to rework or makeover their website not only gives them a more professional look from the start. We also left them with a website that they can easily make edits to themselves. This is a plus that many small business are looking for. Using WordPress makes it easy for owners to have a staff member edit existing pages, add new pictures, videos, change contact information for new employees etc…  the program is the best of both worlds. Having us do the original set-up, design, SEO, backend technical work. Things that they may not be able to do. Then having the ability to make the wanted changes and additions via any computers browser. Yes editing their website can be done on any computer without ever looking at any coding. Just type in their web address…login, and edit.
Visit the  C.A.M. Tech’s full website.

The video below shows how you can tell if your current website is a “Responsive” website.