SEO & Promotions

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This is really 2 separate things:

 internet-marketing    SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is part of the website design process. It involves labeling of page titles, descriptions, keywords, improving text and links for better performance. Even proper labeling of images and videos on your website will improve its free search rankings.
We include this with the new websites we design for our customers. However If you have a website already up and running, that you or someone else designed, we can still offer this as a standalone service for you.
     Website promotions can involve so much, both paid for advertising and free search engines. Social media is a great way show up in search results, but also to drive traffic back to your website. Many business owners do not “want to be bothered” with posting on Facebook, Google+ Twitter etc… but we can set up your site so that typing a single post on your site, will also be launched on all those other places as well. This gives your business a far greater reach and results than just announcing the information on your website.
     The goal in promotions and advertising is to drive traffic / visitors to your website. Only advertising a promotion, sales, special offers, upcoming events, etc on your website really does nothing to help you with that goal. The only people who will see it, are already visitors to your website. Yes that is part of keeping a website fresh and keeping customers and visitors a reason to come back. It however doesn’t do much to get new customers.
     This will be explained more on in other sections of this site. There are many marketing options available like email marketing, YouTube, Press Release marketing, banners, link backs, paid for ads, on and on.
The big difference between SEO & Promotions is that SEO is the preparing of your website to perform do well on the web.
The promotions and marketing is what drives the traffic and search queries.