SmartSource Media ( New Website )

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  “Website Makeovers” are mostly what we do it seems. Granted any serious business owner has a website to go along with their business. The problem in the past has been, keeping up with trends and technology. A “New” website, designed even 2-3 years ago may not work on all of todays devices. There also is the limitations on who can update the website. However today’s platforms ( or at least the websites we design ) are responsive so they work on phones, tablets, TV’s, laptops etc…  PLUS it is easy for owners or staff to create new pages, add new images, videos, auto post to Social Media. on and on.

This site is a great example of just that. We basically took the content they had on their old site. Put it into a wider full spread layout, added some new images and new logo. Tied it into their social media and *POOF* another happy client!