A Smooth Design Process

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    website-consultation-800x It doesn’t matter whether you already have a website and need to give it a makeover, or are starting from scratch. Communication is a key factor. The first couple of things you want to clearly communicate are. What you want your site to look like, and what you want it to do. A great way to explain what you want your website to look like, is to provide links to a couple of other websites you have seen, and would like your site to look like. Maybe there are just some features of one and the look of the other, but these visual aids and communication, make it clear to the new website designer what you are wanting.
     Now as far as business needs are concerned. It is great to make known where your are now with your business, and what your new website needs to do to meet your current needs. As in contact information, contact forms, estimate forms, how the site should interact with customers and potential clients. Then expressing how you want to grow the business, will let the designer plan ahead and build the website to accommodate the upcoming features and functions.
     We at WordPress300 know that cookie cutter solutions don’t work, and what might be a good website for one business won’t be for another business. We really do strive to have your website help you increase your business. To us it’s more than pretty pictures, it about providing you with a promotional tool.