Social Media & WordPress

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social-media-optimizationWe all know the benefits of social media sites. First and foremost is that they show up best in search engine results, many times ranking higher that companies websites.
Now the drawback is that many business owner don’t have or want to spend time posting and reposting on the variety of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on.
However when we design your site we can “connect” it to the different social media outlets, so you just have to create or write your post once, on your new website. It will then be automatically post to your other sites as well.
This not only is a time saver, it let’s those other social media site work for you. Keep in mind that Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages that businesses have created, tend to rank very well and are created with the sole purpose of getting others to find, follow and otherwise link to your pages. Then by creating articles, sales, helpful tips, coupons, and other post that link back to your site complete the circle of goo quality “Hits and Traffic” to you website! Providing exactly what Google Bing and others and looking for when ranking your website in their search results.