Top 10 Essential Plugins For A New WordPress Website

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(MENAFN Editorial) — WordPress is loaded with tons of amazing and incredible features, making it easy to use. From the get-go, it is important to install certain WordPress plugins to boost the productivity and usability of your website. Below are some amazing plugins for a new WordPress website.

1. Building Email Contact – Pop-Up Pro:

If you are looking for an effective strategy to connect your prospective visitors and veteran customers out of a blog, then mailing list or email newsletter remains a great idea. With this WordPress feature installed on your website, you will be able to send prospective members of your list new posts or products.

2. Speed Up Your Site with Caching – W3 Total Cache:

Installing a dedicated caching plugin will help in protecting or increasing the security of your WordPress web page. Instead of using Wordfence, simply install this new WordPress plugin.

3. Back Up Your WordPress – BackWPup Free:

Having a backup solution in place will help your website even if it is secure and safe from hackers. With a slight error, your WP website may be greatly damaged without any backup solution.

4. WordPress Security – WordFence:

Hacking is another dangerous attempt to destroy the security of your website. Hacking can, in the same way, work like spam being sent to a website. To avoid being hacked or spammed, simply use WordPress security WordFence.

5. Comment Spam Protection – Akismet:

This plugin is great if you want to prevent any automated spammer from abusing your website’s contact forms.

6. Blog Post Comment Notifications – Send Email Only On Reply to My Comment:

Comments can help you establish a long-term relationship with your website visitors and regular readers. When using the default functionality of WordPress, a long discussion with readers from the comment section can be tricky. For this reason, you can use the send email only on reply to my comment plugin to resolve any problem.

7. Contact Files – Visual Form Creator:

The visual form builder remains a great plugin that can be installed on your WP website. It will help your readers to contact you with respect to their interest in any product, inquiry or service.

8. Social Network Marketing – Floating Social:

This is a great plugin that will help prospective visitors share your blog posts.

9. Search Engine Optimization – Infinite SEO:

Without optimization, a good content may end up not attractive traffic to your website. With the installation of the WP Infinite SEO plugin, you will easily and quickly bring traffic to your blog or website.

10. Image Upgrade – WP

Your page loading times can be reduced by large file sizes. The user experience on your website can be affected by the size of the image. The WP plugin is all you need to resolve the problem.


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Top 10 Essential Plugins For A New WordPress Website


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