What is a Feature Rich Website?

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     FeatureRich2The first thought is what the website looks like. Does it look great, is it responsive so it views the same on all devices and browsers. While that is important and the websites we design have all those features. A “Feature Rich” website when we say it is more about the functions of the site.
The great thing about a wordpress300 website is it can grow with your business letting you add features as you need them without having to changes the existing look or coding of the site.
In the beginning you may not need more than a contact form, but down the road you may want to add a survey or testimonials or review form. maybe you want and events calendar or have the type of business that a weather widget like a Bed & Breakfast or vacation cabins would be helpful. Letting travelers check out the weather and forecast in your area before making the trip? Speaking of lodging businesses, In the beginning taking phone calls, checking the schedule, exchanging emails to get reservation deposits or payment etc…. “by hand”, might be fine. Then down the road a reservation system with a proper secured checkout section on your website will be needed. Same goes with any business that sets appointments. Like salons, spas, site-seeing tours, kayak or canoe rentals and tours, the list goes on.
All these things could easily be called “features” of a website. There so many others, like membership sites or sections, E-commerce sites, real estate sites tied into the MLS for viewers to search properties, classified sites, car dealer sites, all these features are available to our clients, and again can be added as your business needs grow or built in right from the start.