What is a Responsive Website

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Responsive sites work on all browsers
Responsive sites work on all browsers
     We all hear buzz words about one product or another. Many times they are just that. Marketing agency terminology that will end up in a comedian’s routine, like “New and Improved”? Maybe a little ploy to make something old, fit with new trends. Like “Large capacity Solar Dryer”  send $19.95…. and you end up with a 50′ piece of rope!
     Well unlike those examples a “responsive” website is a real thing. It in simple terms mean that the website will respond to the screen size it’s being displayed on. The problem of websites not fitting on all devices, was readers having to scroll left and right to view a whole page. This was solved a couple ways The more popular was to create a “Mobile Version” of your website with its own URL ( m.yoursite.com) leaving you with 2 websites one for small devices and one for desktops. This still left the reader with screen sizes in between moving, pinching, etc.. pages to read all the content.
     A truly responsive website will re-organize the same content to fit the screen. It also means that the devices will work on all operating systems. There is no longer the need for a second mobile version of your website and the additional cost that come with that.
     This video will show a quick way to tell if your website is “Responsive” without have to check on all your and your friends devices.